11 Mar 2014


The results (sketchwise) of a weekend trip to Freiburg in the south of Germany: Historic »department-store«-building (from 1532) opposite to the Cathedral (Münster). Then, driving a few meters up (1.200 m), my first and probably my last snow for this winter (for the temperature now is almost springlike) – and some fast sketches out on the streets during the »Straßenfasnet«, the street carnival that happened to take place on that weekend...

»Historisches Kaufhaus« Freiburg

Skilift Hofsgrund

Freiburger Fasnet

6 Mar 2014

Natural History Museum, Mainz

Saturday 22 of February I´ve spent some time with some fellow sketchers (among them Urban Sketchers Jenny Adam, Andreas Koeniger and Birgit Mueller) at the Natural History Museum in Mainz. Although a part of the museum was closed due to a rennovation, we‘ve had enough themes to draw – in a comfortable setting. I "reactivated" an old brush pen and dared to use a ballpen to go straight away.

Tropical Birds

Passage Migrants

Café Blumen

Harpy (Statue)